Website for an accountant

Research, design and implementation

Website for an accountant

Research, design and



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UX Design
UI Design
Logo design

I created a responsive website that provides information about accounting services my client provides.

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Problem statement

Tanya set up her own accounting practice in 2016, but until now her clients were finding her by world of mouth. She needed a website that would represent her friendly approach.

Tanya's personal desire was a modern and clean look. The budget was small, and the time to complete the project was very limited (1 week). Any research should have been conducted by myself.
I proposed to use a website builder for implementation to create a fully functioning website within such a short time and budget. As for the research, I decided to do competitors research and use Tanya's knowledge about her clients.

I set up the goals for this project:
  • Make a lot of breathing space on the website to avoid a cluttered look.
  • Focus on usability over and make sure the information is easy to discover.
  • Ensure that the website is fully-responsive as Tanya's clients could use a wide range of devices to interact with it.
I researched websites that are related to accounting or finances in general and created a mood-board of visual references that had minimalistic and airy design as well as organised and transparent navigation system.

Tanya had a good understanding of her clients. After interviewing her, I created a mind map structuring her target audience, their characteristics, needs and doubts. I highlighted 2 groups of clients: small business owners and self-employed. So I was consciously aware for what people I was designing the website.

Sketching and wireframing
Combining all the collected information, I created rough sketches to feel the homepage structure and then transformed them into a digital wireframe using Figma.
The top of the page consists of Tanya's photo as she is literally the face of her business and an emotional header. As the main purpose of the site is to encourage potential clients to contact Tanya, I used three CTAs: a free consultation button, request a callback button, and a button to contact Tanya.

The next screens are for those who got interested but not sure yet if Tanya could help them. They describe the services Tanya provides. I opted to split this screen into sections for small business owners and self-employed so that visitors could immediately select what they were looking for.

The next screens show that Tanya is an accredited and reliable professional, tell a bit more about her as a person so the visitor got the feeling of how would it be to work with her.

I put testimonials as social proof at the bottom of the page as well as a contact form for those who are ready to discuss their requests.
Visual representation

After exploring competitors websites' color palettes, fonts and elements and keeping in mind Tanya's vision of the brand image, I proposed several color palettes to choose from. I suggested using a sans serif Lato typeface with semi-rounded details. This would give a feeling of warmth when the strong structure of letters provides stability and seriousness. To complement this mood I decided to use buttons with slightly rounded corners.

Logo establishment
One of my tasks was designing a logo for setting the connection with potential customers by transferring Tanya's modern and friendly approach.

I started with brainstorming and analyzing Tanya’s vision. A logo was expected to be playful and fresh, and still simple. We already confirmed the color palette, so the logo should be made in line with it.

The final logo was completed in a flat minimalistic style. A symbol of the arrow representing growth was formed like the letter G, the first letter of Tanya's business name.


I built English and Russian versions of the website according to the confirmed wireframes and UI elements. For the mobile version, I restructured some blocks to allow each element to have the appropriate amount of screen.

I was satisfied with the final look of the website. Looking back, there are some things that I would do differently. The screen about Services can look more engaging and aligned with the grid. But as I had a strict time limit and budget it was a good decision to focus on functionality.