delivery app

Research and design

delivery app

Research and design

The app provides delivery from restaurants, supermarkets and pharmacies in middle-sized cities in Russia.

My Role: UX/UI design

UX methods: Interviews | User Flow | UCDC | Wireframing | Usability Testing

Tools: Figma

Problem statement
There's a great situation with shopping in Moscow and St Petersburg. However, people from smaller Russian cities often have to travel long distances to do grocery shopping cheaper or buy a particular product. This is also relevant for restaurants and pharmacies.

To solve this problem, my clients decided to create an app that:
  1. will help users to do grocery shopping, order meals from restaurants, or buy medicine from pharmacies online;
  2. will introduce shops, restaurants, and pharmacies to a wider market.

From the UX perspective, I decided to focus on clear and intuitive navigation that will encourage users to not be afraid of this new service.

Competitive analysis
I begin my research by looking at similar platforms, analyzing their flows and key features. I analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of two direct competitors: Delivery Club and Yandex Eda. I also analyzed Deliveroo and Perekrestok as indirect competitors.
Photo by Jacob
Photo by Leio
Photo by Jacob
Photo by Jacob
Photo by Shifaaz

To identify users' needs, motivations, and pain points, I interviewed people from middle-sized cities in Russia from my network about their shopping experiences, both offline and online.

tech-savvy users
age of participants
hour long
User centred design canvas
User flow
I started with user flow for the task "Place order successfully" and key screens architecture before generating a set of initial wireframes.
The wireframe helped me to focus on key functions, elements, and actions before proceeding to the high-fidelity (hi-fi) designs. While working on them I realized that there were changes that I could do to further enhance my solution.
UI solution
I chose mint green as the accent color and rounded corners for a fresh and friendly look. For the app font, I chose Inter with a tall x-height to aid in the readability of mixed-case and lower-case text.
Usability testing

I combined layouts into the prototype and tested it with 3 users. Participants called the design “clean” and “visually appealing”. They felt it's clear where in the app are in a particular moment and what to expect next.

The tests also highlighted the following usability issues.
Final results

The feedback was then used to further improving my design solution.

Next steps
  • Explore other scenarios (e.a. searching for a particular product, changing account details, problems with the order)
  • Expand app usage for restaurants/shops/pharmacies and couriers.
  • Expand on usability testing and make improvements according to the result (e.a. see how the search function can be optimized with filtering options